Our vision is to excel and evolve into the best quality-centric institute providing professional training to aspiring ‘Student-Teachers’ and to ultimately become a centre of academic excellence in the field of ‘Teacher Education’ by providing the ‘Teacher Education Program’ a structure which can satisfy the educational needs of contemporary society at supra level & preparing professionals who provide leadership and exemplary educational and related services to improve the lives of individuals in a ever evolving global society.


Our mission is to develop a dynamic education system which fosters an equitable and productive environment for our student-teachers in wake of contemporary global environmental challenges.


  • To enhance skills, values and knowledge in the teacher students through integral education of body mind and soul.
  • To offer professional education using Information Communication Technologies.
  • To achieve the capacities for enquiry, creativity, technology, entrepreneurial and moral leadership in the process of teacher education.
  • To motivate the faculty and the learners to take quality initiatives in academic, research and development activities and help them serve as desirable human resource in the development of the nation.
  • To equip the teacher students to meet the ever changing demands of the world by providing creative and innovative educational experiences.


  • Shree Tagore Teacher Training College, being located in rural area, is committed to uplift of down trodden community by providing value education to rural pupils.
  • Eradication of child labour in this area is focused.
  • Shree Tagore Teacher Training College takes care of teaching children understand values of life.
  • Equal opportunity to all and special care to physically challenged are practiced in our College.